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Title :  The legend of blue sea ep 4 with eng subtitle
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Comments The legend of blue sea ep 4 with eng subtitle

LegoOverkill Animation
So that’s a bad idea
Comment from : LegoOverkill Animation

Gustav Mark
100% fake
Comment from : Gustav Mark

Suryakanth Guggare
Surprises to see that face at last...
Comment from : Suryakanth Guggare

The future lays on the bottom on the mariana
Comment from : RyeSeaBre

The future is there
Comment from : RyeSeaBre

Sitio Prueba
this video is spreading false information, make some research before saying those things, typical ignorant video just to get likes. NO REAL SCIENCE HERE!!!
Comment from : Sitio Prueba

Dmitry Stein
Вот пидор! Уже на английском вещает ради миллионов просмотров. На лохах от науки грех ее делать денги, да
Comment from : Dmitry Stein

I think we should try it
Comment from : Seta-San

Tanishq Malve
Let's equate tsar bomb in marina trench is equal to death
Comment from : Tanishq Malve

Colin Calvert
I feel like this is some weird psy-op they're testing to see how many people will fall for a well polished but non-factual alarmist vid. I know it's fake but why? Like who wins by this video being made?
Comment from : Colin Calvert

Toxic Jacob
You guys know that riddle was the high school nerd
Comment from : Toxic Jacob

Mr. Beardy
When the meg farts.....this happens
Comment from : Mr. Beardy

Sylvia Ovalle
Why are you telling people this info
Terrorists will just steal a nuclear bomb and explode it there

Comment from : Sylvia Ovalle

You're so full of shit
Comment from : GoVikes

"Humans are no fools."

stares at speaker until suitable awkward shame is achieved

Comment from : SewardWriter

giovanny sanchez
Dang if the tzar bomb was made back then what do we have now and days
Comment from : giovanny sanchez

Kim Carr
Dont send a bomb please I dont wanna die
Comment from : Kim Carr

Jesse Salazar
This is a great super villain plot to destroy the Earth
Comment from : Jesse Salazar

Belal Abu Sultan
this is a very nice scenario, a good goal to live for, we can destroy the planet, Yay.
Comment from : Belal Abu Sultan

Christopher Melville
What a load of shit.
Comment from : Christopher Melville

Lowongan Homann
Godzila will love and eat the nuke.. hmm..yummy
Comment from : Lowongan Homann

Royal Eagle
The knowledge and facts I gained from this video are fewer than the info in the video.
Comment from : Royal Eagle

Thomas L.S.
Pure speculation and fantasy
Comment from : Thomas L.S.

Enamur Rahman
Comment from : Enamur Rahman

Quý Nguyễn
vietnamese translate please
Comment from : Quý Nguyễn

Hendra Humena
I hope this is REAL 🙃😋
Comment from : Hendra Humena

Paulie Harrow
Blah Nlah Blah... it would cause a catastrophy. Yeah we understand, and if your mom had a Dick she would be your father.
Comment from : Paulie Harrow

I’m hoping to stick around no more than 30 seconds - was compelled to click on this ONLY to ask - why on earth would anyone waste time pondering such stupidity? It’s a sad statement that this is the type of vid that has millions of views. Sensationalism is bad for brain cells, folks
Comment from : TzadikTheManic

Nooby Egg
What is that video at 2:40 with the tsunami and the bridge
Comment from : Nooby Egg

liberal killer
This is the same science that says there's 73 genders
Comment from : liberal killer

ok why not, but frankly speaking, nuclear weapons are a weapon used in diplomacy and international relationships, the objective is NOT to build a device and detonate it at a weak points of Earth crust in the hope of wiping out mankind...
Even for a fantasy, it doesn't make much sense..

Comment from : Staarkalinou

Delbarrio4u 145
Comment from : Delbarrio4u 145

1:59 ...2,000 years ...
Half life of Uranium 238 is 4.7 billion years ...however, Uranium 235 is used in Nuclear Devices for Defence. Its half life is 700 million years ...however your depiction is very realistic ...
The Earth is too big and massive to shatter ...Theia Impact that created the Moon released 0.3×10e32J of energy, the Czar Bomba released the equivalent of 2.092e+17
The Earth survived the Theia Impact ...
BTW, if Czar Bomba did manage to reach the bottomn of the Challenger Deep / Mariana Trench, the pressure shall thicken the Casing so dense that no radiation would escape ...It shall lie there for ever ...The thickness of the Earth's Crust at that Deep is 700–1400 meter...yes, the CZAR BOMBA, if detonated might rupture the Earth's Surface and let the Magma leak, making the water Super-heated shoot out like hot darts of 374 C, incinerating all in the way .... ...

Comment from : saldoczaidi

Where is Neil Tyson to smack us with the corrections?
Comment from : Humberto

benjo bandidog
Filipino ??
Comment from : benjo bandidog

Sophia Abraham
If you never want this to happen the like
Comment from : Sophia Abraham

Crayola Kid
Comment from : Crayola Kid

so we can end the world
Comment from : InductedCafe856

Jenny Fisher
If you were to be on Google for more than 5 seconds you would knowthat the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was 100,000,000 times more powerful than the tsar bomba and the earths orbit was unaffected. Now an asteroid 100 million times more powerful than the tsar bomba only wiped out 70% of all life on Earth (and I know the title says fiction, but that’s because you only changed it when people called you out), and you’re saying that a bomb 100 million times less powerful way farther from land animals than the asteroid would bring almost every organism to the brink of extinction and knock the Earth out of orbit? What? Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Comment from : Jenny Fisher

Lorenzo Neblina jr
You know what, what if I drop you in a deep wet crack and fart, will you survive?
Comment from : Lorenzo Neblina jr

Bah Humbug. Do you people have a death wish for the earth or what? None of your videos have happy endings. Its always about what if this happens? LOL.
Comment from : BLU3Collar TRANCE

abhishek thakur
Meet arnold
Comment from : abhishek thakur

-3- yeet
thanos: snaps

gud bai half of the world! :D

Comment from : -3- yeet

The Bot零Frankツ
I live on the island right next to Mariana Trench
Comment from : The Bot零Frankツ

Hailey Johnson
So we would basically cause a geo storm?
Comment from : Hailey Johnson

Holden Mowers
Someone needs to make a good movie about this 😂😂 like bomb tests misses its drop zone n hits the trinch and so on 😂 best movie
Comment from : Holden Mowers

William Newegg2
So is he right or in a nutshell
Comment from : William Newegg2

So that's all it takes. Armageddon on the cheap.
Comment from : R L

ArmyGabb Gaming RobloX Timbang
Hahahahahahahahahahah A URANIUM PANCAKE
Comment from : ArmyGabb Gaming RobloX Timbang

Manuel Farleyo017
This is total bullshit lol
Comment from : Manuel Farleyo017

sadariya milan
6:50 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆
Comment from : sadariya milan

The water pressure is so damn high that the explosion won't be able to come up or cause any effect
Comment from : ASED_45

Change the title again to (Just clickbait trash, not worth your time)
Comment from : sadas

Autumn Harguess
Hahaha LAMO R.I.P the comment section tho 😋 bro just reading through the comments makes me laugh 😂😂😂
Comment from : Autumn Harguess

What if this bomb is dropped on Yellowstone?
Comment from : Soheb

Uh why did you give North Korea this idea
Comment from : F.B.I

Technobladev2 & landonMC - java pocket edition
If that happened everyone will be living in Mars by then
Comment from : Technobladev2 & landonMC - java pocket edition

Void Anderson
Thanks for telling me the one way to wipe out humanity with one simple trick ;)
Comment from : Void Anderson

shane after evil night side king the harder
Your friend is arnold maybe
Comment from : shane after evil night side king the harder

RIP Submarine
Comment from : BungyStudios

George Bean
I'll tell you what would happen: It would destroy Godzilla's natural habitat within it, angering him, and he would go up to surface and begin a vengeful rampage on the mainland. It'd be best if we don't disturb his sleep, don't want him waking up very cranky.
Comment from : George Bean

Ahmed yare dalkii hooyo Hooyo
Gods sake this will only effect those who wants to destroy the pretty world
Comment from : Ahmed yare dalkii hooyo Hooyo

Ngwefang Emmanuel
Stupid fools , wat good is that for?
Comment from : Ngwefang Emmanuel

Suavé Jordin
One word “SUICIDE”
Comment from : Suavé Jordin

Adrian Zaharia
The posibility of Earth to "dissapear" is = zero...but if God wants to destroy us that's a different story. Cheers!
Comment from : Adrian Zaharia

Kristen Rens
Find me a new planet.. for my safety. 😃
Comment from : Kristen Rens

Herobrine YT
Nobody is going to waste a nuclear bomb for that
Comment from : Herobrine YT

Unknown Person
What you mean?
Comment from : Unknown Person

Benson 'Drongo' Hedges
The "Ivan Bomb" was bigger
Comment from : Benson 'Drongo' Hedges

Aren't I Adorable
Only a fool would drop a HB in any trench in the ocean.....SO...Whats that all about?
Comment from : Aren't I Adorable

Gray Lensman
Cool... "Flyover" country would survive somewhat disrupted while the two "left" coasts would be inundated and wiped out. LOL
Comment from : Gray Lensman

FYI- the place in the thumbnail is real, minus the photoshop. It’s in northwest Africa and is know as the “Richat Structure”

I was always amazed at some of the detail in digital art, now I know it was all a lie.

Comment from : Yanko024

Jackson Quinn
You add that hasty ‘fantasy’ label despite the fact that at no point do you call it fantasy in the video. You were to lazy to fix it and too greedy to pull the fraudulent video down.
Comment from : Jackson Quinn

Sulabh Sharma98
Comment from : Sulabh Sharma98

greg ap
Oh yes, a bomb made by men can destroy the world. I'm pretty sure the deep ocean pressure will contain the energy of the explosion
Comment from : greg ap

Kenneth Wilson
This is crazy. I'm glad you changed the title to fantasy. Lmao I wonder how many people fell for this.
Comment from : Kenneth Wilson

Ultra Shaggy
All of this is false as under that pressure the bomb would expand out but then immediately sink back in to its self. The only true thing that there would be more radiation
Comment from : Ultra Shaggy

What would happen if you detonate a nuke in the Marianas trench? Godzilla absorbs the entire explosion and goes back to sleep, and we don't feel a thing (Just fantasy, not science!).
Comment from : Zeav

Kayla Marie
In any instance, let's not EVER do this..it'll be bad any way you slice it.
Comment from : Kayla Marie

hiroshi_chan tuazon
If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench????? we filipinos...will die T_T
Comment from : hiroshi_chan tuazon

Anthony Yalon
lol don't scroll down. the amount of smartasses in the comments will ruin your day. just keep in mind that whether it's science or fantasy, detonating a nuclear bomb in that area would be a terrible idea. for humanity.
Comment from : Anthony Yalon

anonymous man
Nobody: terrorists 👀
Comment from : anonymous man

Comment from : paulgarcher

Historical Otaku
Just dont put nukes in any places

Put it in a black hole instead

Comment from : Historical Otaku

Wow its JUST a bomb.
Comment from : 迪fσrgεtϻε

Roy Rice
Uhhhh....let’s see..I think the water pressure in the Challenger Deep is closer to 16,000 lbs. per sq. inch...🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Roy Rice

Roy Rice
Dream on Riddle....dream on!!☢️☢️💥💥😂😂
Comment from : Roy Rice

Roy Rice
Khrushchev acted like a real jerk in the 60’s. Once he was out of office his personality changed completely!!!😂😂😂 Especially after 1971!!☠️☠️☠️
Comment from : Roy Rice

shahida Amzad
Bullshit at it best. If you explode a nuclear bomb in marianas trench there will be some bubbles nothing more will happen
Comment from : shahida Amzad

Comment from : CancersKryptonite

basically fucked
Comment from : ckshotyou

Phil Causey
wouldn't the pressure just overwhelm the nucelaer detonation, the immense pressure should contain it to within a few feet of the detonation
Comment from : Phil Causey

Sounds fun

Dark Suns
Bad science, Even an underground Tsar Bomba will not trigger a tsunami. The total energy released at the event of a maginitude 7 earthquake is magnitudes higher.
Comment from : Dark Suns

vadim baranivsky
Holy shit. This fucking guy has 28000000 viewes though he jokes like an old fucking bitch
Comment from : vadim baranivsky

Branko Dimitrijevic
1:50 halflife od Uranium is 2000 years? I think you missed just for a few million years.
Comment from : Branko Dimitrijevic

ken kaneki
Did u know that there is a country next to russia what is latvia
Comment from : ken kaneki

Zach_Are_I Ah
Another terrifying video
Comment from : Zach_Are_I Ah

far fetched
Comment from : Borden

Jay S
Let's low up Planet Earth! 🌎
Comment from : Jay S

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